At Enjoinery we provide unique, meaningful structures & furnishings, based on timeless, efficient design solutions. Drawing from a diverse background, and a distinct, hands-on, start-to-finish methodology, we strive to give our clients a comprehensive, creative experience.

Our design sensibilities run the full gamut from modern to vintage, but always unique and well crafted. We look forward to working with our clients to find the most enduring and lifestyle
appropriate design.

Based in Russia, NY, we have a full metal and wood-working shop, with 3-axis CNC routing capabilities coming online soon. We also work along side MetalLogix, a 45,000 sq. ft. custom fabrication shop in Utica, NY. With a full array of modern equipment and a skilled workforce, we're prepared to handle large production runs.

Our team is fast, thorough and clean, giving you exactly what you need with minimum disruption. Delivery and installation are considered from the very beginning of the design and fabrication process to ensure the most effective and organized installation possible.

Rarely do we make the same thing twice. Even repeat orders are approached with a fresh look and a desire to improve and perfect.  It is a process of constant discovery and adaptation, but this is exactly what keeps it interesting.  What this means to you, our client, is that we are never afraid to take on any project. In fact we seek the new, the difficult, the unproven precisely because it is challenging.